About SIMS

Scheduler Interpreter Management System (SIMS) is a web-based application that offers detailed scheduling and financial management tools for interpreters, clients and vendors.

SIMS includes a separate portal for administrators, clients, and interpreters so they can all sign in and manage their own information, as well as keep track of daily and future appointments.

A powerful administration portal allows the administrative personnel (individuals and teams) to manage the entire scheduling process as well as oversee the financial management of vendors, clients, and interpreters.

The administrator can add/edit/delete appointments, assign appointments (to a specific interpreter or leave them “up for grabs”), generate statements and invoices to send to clients, run reports, send automatic email, and or text (sms) notifications, reminders, and so much more.

mobile appA simple and easy to use, what you see what you get Interpreter’s portal. Interpreters have option with Paper and/or No paper time-sheets to be printed. Interpreters are also able to complete their assignment right at the facility via their mobile devices, phone or tablet, or to be complete later as well.

Interpreters have ability to check-in with an mobile web app. Administrators able to keep track of interpreters check-in status.

A Client’s portal allows client to request appointments, keeping track of their history, current, and future appointments. Also any invoices or payments activity.

All users accessible online 24/7 through various electronic devices such as a tablet, phone, laptop, and desktop.

We protect customers and users information with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and all data is backed up 24/7.

Our SIMS system designs to be user-friendly, simple, and secure with various customization options to ensure complete user satisfaction. Our solution is to help customers meet their daily operational challenges with reliability at a minimal cost.

If you have more questions about our SIMS, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email info@project3t.com or phone at 913-735-6648. Thank you!