Other Applications

Introducing the Prosecutor Complaint Application (PCA), which allows a law enforcement officer electronically file a complaint or submitting a case to the Prosecutor Office.

This PCA application streamlining the process of filing a complaint to the Prosecutor office. It reduces heavy paper work processes, cut down the traveling time bringing in the complaint form and physically hand it in to the Prosecutor office personnel.

The PCA application provides either an individual or a share account among officers within the same department. The administrator will have the ability to create user’s accounts, receive notification via email when a complaint filed, be able to receive information and evidences on the same case submission, and also be able to track each individual complaint with date submission and its details.

If you need more information on how it works, the cost, or would like to have a live real-time demo. Please contact us and we are happy to discuss more with you on the application.

PCA – how it works